Meeting for 2021 trip to Ecuador

Students in grades 9-12 interested in taking part in the service learning trip with Me to We are invited to an information on Thursday, March 11 at 6 p.m. at South Broadview Elementary Library.

At the Feb. 11 meeting it was determined the trip for 2021 would be going to Ecuador, as the original choice of Ethiopia was unavailable.

Those taking part in the trip will venture into the heart of Ecuador’s lush Amazonian rainforest, where you’ll find the world’s most diverse ecosystems. In Otavalo, you’ll experience the culture and heritage of the city, visiting the Mercados ds los Ponchos – a famous market known for its local beautiful textiles – and learning how traditional crafts and meals are prepared when you visit a local family’s home. As you’re immersed in the Quito and Otavalo cultures, you’ll also put your hands to work: building and restoring local schools and promoting social justice.

Check out the tour by clicking here

 If you need additional information before the meeting please contact Heather Gobbett at (250) 832-2167.

Scholarships 2020

Scholarship booklets & applications forms are now available in the Career Center. Come have a look at the booklet as there are scholarships & bursaries for academics, trades and the unexpected.  You do not have to be going to school next year to apply, as some awards can be differed for 18 month.  Application deadline is Thursday, April 9th 3:30pm.  If you have any questions, please see the Career Centre for more details.


AL Fortune Parent Advisory Committee

What is a PAC?
The School Act gives parents and guardians the right to establish a Parent Advisory Council and the right to discuss matters affecting the school their child is enrolled in, and the child’s education.  PAC is the officially recognized collective voice of parents and may, through its elected officers, assume an advisory role and advise the School Board, the Principal and staff of the school.  Parents’ voices are of tremendous value to the school community and all parents and guardians of students registered at A.L. Fortune Secondary are automatically a member of the PAC and are given the opportunity to participate.  So……….You are invited to bring your voice to our meetings!!

PACs strive to contribute to the benefit of all students by:
 Providing opportunities to educate and inform parents about our school
 Involving parents in volunteer activities and
 Openly discussing parents’ concerns and aspirations for our school, however, the PAC is not a forum for the discussion of individual school personnel, parents, or other individual members of the school community.

You can contribute by asking questions and bringing in your ideas while we go through agenda items of the meeting and learn about the school through the Principal’s monthly overview report. It is a great way to stay in touch with the school about current events and build knowledge of the education your student is receiving here at A.L. Fortune Secondary.

You can get in touch with our ALFPAC on our Facebook page A.L. Fortune Secondary Parent Advisory Council or you can call the school 250-838-6431 and ask for a PAC Executive member to contact you.  You can also find information about our PAC meetings clicking the “Parents” Tab on the school’s website.

NEXT PAC MEETING Monday, Sept 16th @ 5:30pm ALF Library