Important Year End Information

ALF Parents, Guardians and Students:

We’re at that time again! It seems like students have just returned from the COVID-19 class suspension, but here we are about to finish school for summer.

Some important information for families:

· We will hold regular Learning Centre days June 22, 23 & 24 for any students who wish to attend. We strongly recommend that any students needing to complete course work attend school on these days

· Report cards and yearbooks will be available for pick up on June 25 starting at 9:00am

· If your children ride the bus to school, please call Transportation at 250-832-9415 to arrange busing next week (June 22-25). Due to extremely low ridership, buses will not be running on these days unless specifically requested by parents

· All school resources on loan to students are now due to be returned. If your child has any textbooks, novels, Chrome Books or other technology borrowed from the school please have them returned to the school as soon as possible. We will be issuing invoices for these materials next week

· All outstanding school fees (i.e. Athletic team fees) are now due. Invoices will be emailed home shortly. Please make arrangements to pay outstanding school fees by June 30th

As we wind down to the end of this very strange school year, the staff of A.L. Fortune would like to wish all of our families a very restful and safe summer!